How we get the best photos for you

Over the years, Drew has worked for a range of clients, from interior design, builder industry vendors, construction projects, real-estate industry, and independent commercial clients. 

A collaborative process for any assignment, big or small, is a must for us. Projects we capture have been designed, crafted, and styled, with great thought and attention to detail. To help respect these features and the time dedicated to them, we prefer a walk-through prior to the assignment. This helps give all parties a chance to discuss areas to highlight, spaces to capture, and any features that require a specific focus during the assignment. This opportunity helps Drew craft only the best shots that have maximum impact for your specific needs. 


Builder | Design projects. The Size of the project and the number of photos requested for delivery will impact the cost of these projects. We are more selective on composition for greater impact and capture the space with focus on the details of your craftsmanship and the materials of the projects. If furnished, for the best shot, some moving of items may be required. We found over the years that builders like some of the same shots that real estate agents want, both to sell the spec home, and to place on their websites. Production includes many of the same compositions used for real estate. Postproduction is more detailed and delivery time may vary depending on the number of photographs requested. 

Projects range from up to 25, 40, and plus packages. We do offer standard day time in these packages and do have add on twilight exteriors, as well as interior twilight options as well.

These projects include a single party licensing package for multiple purposes. Additional parties can license images after the proof page is delivered at a set price per package. See price page for more details.  

Currently we offer limited shoot times each day giving time to shoot and edit.

All work is handled in-house by Drew. 

Image delivery 

A proof page for residential builders will be delivered within 72 hours on most projects. 


Licensing and Copyright

We offer a standard, single party license on all projects. If you wish to include other parties in the project, we will add additional licensing fees in the bid.

Drew Rice retains all copyright expressed and implied otherwise for all images taken and will not be transferred to any other party.



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